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Best Banjo Guitar Strings Reviewed

The quality of the strings on your banjo has a big influence on the playability and sound of the instrument. There are dozens of different banjo string options on the market. You may find it difficult to choose the right one for your guitar without proper research. Your extensive research plays a big part in choosing the best banjo string that will help produce the sound you are after. You will enjoy great playability when you choose the right string for your guitar. Here are 5 of the best banjo strings on the market for you to choose from.

D’Addario J61 5-String Banjo Strings



The D’Addario J61 5-set banjo strings are made in the United States using the highest quality plain steel, bronze, phosphorous materials, and plated with nickel. These strings come in a wide variety of gauges so that you can use them according to your preference. The D’Addario J61 banjo strings are trusted by legendary musicians across the world for their original tone and reliability. They provide consistency and unsurpassed quality compared to other banjo strings on the market. If you are into bluegrass music, you will find these strings much adorable. The strings are easy to install – allowing even a newbie guitarist to easily restring his banjo. The strings haven’t broken even after using it for many months. They have a well-rounded tone when played properly.

GHS PF150 5-String Banjo Strings



The GHS PF150 5-string set is another quality banjo string set for your guitar. These strings are manufactured in a state of the art facility with climate control – using the highest quality bronze and phosphorous materials. The controlled environment doesn’t alter the manufacturing process. The purest materials and precision equipment are used to guarantee the quality of these strings. These strings are renowned for their quality, consistency, intonation that lasts, sturdiness, and harmonious sounds. The ends of these strings are specially designed and looped to fit all banjo styles. Each string is sealed in a nitrogen pack to eliminate oxygen and prolong the lifespan of the product. The string has a length of 42 inches – made to fit a variety of banjos and tailpieces.

D’Addario J63i Tenor Irish Banjo Strings



This product is specifically designed for the Tenor Irish Banjo. The strings are made from high-quality plain steel & nickel-plated steel. It ensures a bright tone that will last for a longer time. Although different gauges are there for this string, the .012 A is the preferred string by most players. The D’Addario J63i strings are heavier than most of the lightweight strings used for normal tuning. These strings don’t vibrate as hard as other strings and don’t move too much. Playing becomes more stable due to this reason. These strings have a looped design to suit the length of all banjos. The strings are packed in an eco-friendly package to keep them safe over time.

D’Addario EJ55 Bronze 5-String Banjo Strings

ej55 banjo strings


The D’Addario EJ55 is medium-sized and made of plain steel. The fourth string of the set is covered in phosphorous bronze. This offers more warmth and a balanced tone. The ends of the string are looped for a universal fit. Medium-sized strings tend to stay in tune for a much longer time. These strings have a deeper tone. The looped end strings have one disadvantage – where the strings could break when installing and locking them better in the tailpiece. The quality of the material makes the string easy on your fingers.

Elixir Strings Banjo Strings

Elixir Strings Banjo Strings

These strings are made of the highest quality materials to deliver the most professional tone. The set of strings has a nice balance with plain steel strings and nickel-wrapped strings. Your banjo will give a more defined and brighter sound with these strings. You can expect a great tone and longer lifespan of your banjo when you install these strings. These strings are subject to poly-web treatment for a brighter and longer sound. Gunk won’t build on the string and kill your tone because the strings are well-coated. This is another great banjo string set on the market.

The above article reviews 5 of the best banjo strings on the market for you to choose from.

Banjo Strings
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