The Best Guitar Strings For Your Metal Music

best guitar strings for metal

Heavy metal has been around for longer than most think. This offset of Rock and Roll was invented in the 1960’s in Great Britain. The popularization of the music began with the bands Black Sabbath, Led Zeppelin and Deep Purple. All were founded in 1968. Since its creation, heavy metal has spread into a lot of different types. There are extreme sub genres such as death metal and black metal.

All metal music requires the same type of strings. Metal strings help produce sounds that are unique to the genre. Strings do not have to be replaced very often if the owner is kind to their guitar. Most guitars require replacement every three months. Those who practice for over a hundred hours every three months will need to replace their guitar strings sooner. Even the strongest strings can snap. In that case it is also time to have them restrung.

What Makes Metal Strings Different?

Metal music is unique in that ultra high notes are played on the guitar. An electric guitar can reach higher notes than most acoustics. They can also give off that grungy sound that makes it almost a sub genre of grunge. Strings designed for metal music are better at outputting higher sounds. They’re the appropriate choice if the player is looking to get a sound that wholly fits into the type of music they’re playing.

The Ones To Choose

Finding the best guitar strings for producing music that’s true to its genre isn’t easy. Here are two best as far as reviews and features go:

Ernie Ball M-Steel Regular Slinky

Ernie Ball M-Steel Regular Slinky


Ernie Ball M-Steel’s are well equipped to provide a unique sound that convey’s music in an expressive, artful manner. Metal is a unique genre in itself. Those who perform it need strings that can produce the unique quality they’re looking to produce. These strings produce a certain dynamic frequency that allows metal to flow properly. Output is easily increased and decreased to help the player reach a wide array of notes.

Super Cobalt wraps the strings to provide maximum protection and allow it to reach a high level of sound quality. The maraging string hex core creates the roundness and firm flexibility guitar strings need to produce clear sound at a precise tune.

The Ernie Ball set is made in the United States, in California, and comes at a cheap price considering the quality. Those who choose this model will only pay $10.79. Those who have used them stick up for their ability to last through a hundred hours of practice.

D’ Addario Nickel Wound Electric Guitar Strings

D'Addario EXL180 Nickel Wound Bass Guitar Strings


D’ Addario Nick Wound Electric Strings are known for their ability to produce bright, long lasting tones that add flavor to a learned or original song. They come in a corrosion resistant package that is there to ensure quality and satisfaction upon arrival. D- Addario’s strings come at the best price. Those who wish to get a set will only pay $4.85 if they have Amazon Prime. The high carbon steal base creates the perfect platform to reach high magnetic output.

D’Addario strings are perfect for playing metal; however, they also do an outstanding job at playing other sub genres of rock. For those looking to try grunge and other forms of hard expression, D’ Addario sets the perfect note. Advanced google phim sex, computer controlled winding help ensure that the strings will last just as long as another pair would. Top metal musicians have used and loved D’Addario’s strings. Some of which include Brandi Carlile and Jimmy Herring.

All That’s Needed Is To String Them

For those who do not know how to string a guitar, a guitar shop will be happy to do it. Most shops offer stringing as their cheapest service. With long lasting, high quality strings such as these, most get hours and hours of play before their strings have to be replaced.

The better the strings, the better the flow, variety and sound quality of the music. A guitar is as good as its strings. Those who take as much time in making their selection as was done when their guitar was picked out receive the best strings .

The Best Guitar Strings For Your Metal Music
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