Flatwound Bass Strings

Flatwound Bass Strings

Looking for the perfect Flatwound Bass Strings?

Guitars, guitars, guitars. That’s all you’ll hear people talk about when it comes to the instruments that make up our music. While they’re vitally important to most genres, there are many components to what make up the music we’re hearing on the radio. If you switch to an R&B, hip hop, jazz or classical music station, there’s another instrument helping create those beloved sounds. A bass guitar is a vital element when it comes to harmony and richness of sound.

Bass players know exactly what I’m talking about. The deep, full noise of the instrument gives that certain feel which makes the music rounder and deeper. Those who play bass have less options when it comes to strings than those who play a traditional guitar. They’re less widely played; however, there are still plenty of companies making strings for this classic instrument.

Bass guitars only have four strings. That doesn’t mean they’re any easier to play. Especially due to the fact that there’s much less literature and instructors who can help a player master the instrument. What makes a bass guitar easier to play? Having the right strings. Not all flat wound bass strings are created equal. The top rated and well liked have a cut above the rest. Here are the three people are raving about.

LaBella Stainless Steel Flat Wound Bass Strings

Flatwound Bass Strings

La Bella has been making some of the highest quality strings for the most affordable price for years. Customers walk away with strings that’ll last and make the right sound. Bass strings are more expensive than guitar strings because the make up is more complicated to produce the sound that is unique to the instrument.

Professional Bass players go with La Bella because of the high-quality, stainless steal design. Real materials are required for real sounds. Those who play bass want to receive their strings in good quality. That isn’t difficult with the Map Technology present in La Bella’s packaging. Map Technology is modified atmosphere packaging. It prevents rips and tarnishes and ensures freshness during the delivery process. Strings are easily damaged during delivery, so this feature is important.

The guarantee here or freshness at delivery allows those who purchase La Bella the security in knowing that their strings will produce a lot of sound projection and quality of tune. The strings are 38″, which will fit most bass instruments. Most can use La Bella for 100 hours of practice.

D’ Addario Chromes Flat Wound Guitar Strings

D'Addario chromes flat wound guitar string

D’Addario’s strings come at an easier price. While they are slightly cheaper than La Bella, that doesn’t mean they’re of a lesser quality. These strings are polished and ribbon wound to create the full, deep sound that every bass player needs. A warm, mellow tone that those who listen to Jazz expect, come from this unique string formation.

There strings are slightly smaller than La Bella’s, but they can be used on almost every instrument as well. D’Addario’s come at 34 inches. This could possibly explain why these are a little cheaper. These strings are best suited for medium-scale bass instruments. Those with short or long scale should find the right size for their instrument. D’Addario makes their strings in the United States. Help support your economy.

GHS Strings M3050 Stainless Steel Flat Wound Bass String

ghs flat wound guitar strings

For those looking to save money, but not sacrifice when it comes to quality, should check the GHS Strings out. They are the most affordable of the bunch. They’re made with the same great materials. GHS strings are composed of stainless steal on a Hex Core. The material makeup of these strings is solid, but slightly cheaper. GHS strings have a slightly lower rating on Amazon, but the reviews have still been positive.

GHS Strings have a unique cross winding process that helps them create a deep, percussive sound. These strings help produce a nice flow and quality of tune.

All Are Wonderful Choices

All of these strings have different qualities that some may prefer over the other. Pay attention to what you want out of your bass guitar. It will allow you to come to the right decision in the end. Getting a bass guitar stringed is a great option if you don’t know how to do it yourself. It’s also fairly cheap compared to most repairs.

Flatwound Bass Strings
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